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The Hybrid Tandem Technology

Uriel Solar is an advanced technology company developing disruptive solar cells and panels. What we call our ‘hybrid tandem’ solar cell will achieve a practical panel efficiency of 30% at a low production cost per watt. This efficiency level, unheard of in the commercially competitive solar market, will radically reduce the total systems cost of solar power generation.

Our hybrid tandem solar cell and panel has a theoretical maximum efficiency of 40%, providing considerable headroom for performance improvement as the technology penetrates the market. Our cell utilizes a cadmium telluride (CdTe) based top solar cell combined with a crystalline silicon (c-Si) bottom solar cell.

Growth of cadmium telluride alloys requires a high level of expertise, which is essentially limited to a small number of experts who work in the area of high end and state of the art ‘focal plane’ arrays for space and military applications. The Uriel team includes some of the most qualified professionals in this field.

Uriel Solar has obtained seven patents, with five in the United States and one each in Canada and Japan, and with multiple additional patents pending. Uriel Solar expects to redefine commercial solar energy generation.